How To Attach And Detach The Back Of A Recliner?

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Attaching and detaching the back of a recliner is pretty chaotic work. However, knowing the convenient techniques will assure destruction-free transport or relocating.

If you are looking to set up your newly bought recliner for the first time or relocating the previous one to another place, follow the method written down to do it perfectly.

Do you want to know how to attach and detach the back of a recliner for hassle-free transport without any defect to the recliner?  

If your answer is positive, look no further because we have got a comprehensive piece of information about a recliner’s attachment and detachment to prevent any mess. So, keep reading on to know more about this process.

Guide to Attachment & Detachment of Recliner Back Smoothly

You don’t need to worry if you have to move your bulky recliner to a tight space.   Fortunately, most of the recliners have the ease to disassemble them easily when needed.

Moreover, the incliners which are easy to dismantle are more practical to have. If we talk about them other than being practical, the ease they provide is quite palpable.

Certainly, you might think that what is the purpose of detaching the back of a recliner? As nothing in this world happens without reason. Well, because separating the back from a recliner will make your work a lot easier.

Other than that, this will also contribute to protecting the recliner from any devastation.

However, it is a friendly suggestion to measure the recliner and your new location where you want to adjust it. After measuring, you can compare them so that you will get the idea of whether the recliner will fit into it or not.

Believe me; this tip will prove to be a life-saver and game-changer. Also, there are chances that you will end up thanking me for saving your time and energy.

Coupled with measuring the new location, you should also measure the size of a door, which leads you towards your target location. Certainly, this is as important as the ice in a coke. Therefore, you should take a look at the measurements to avoid any mess in the future.

Top 3 Types Of Recliner Back

In addition to that, there is a variety in the back of the recliners too. Shortly, you have to find out which type of back your recliner has to proceed any further. Hence following are these types:

1) Locking Tabs And Catches

Generally, locking tabs are inclined to hold the back of a recliner in place securely. Other than that, they can be removed by hand or a screwdriver. Additionally, most people prefer to use their hands. However, we advise you to use a screwdriver for better results.

Comparatively, catches lock themselves into the snap. Moreover, it locks itself when the recliner is slid back on it. Furthermore, this type of back is popular in Lazy Boy Recliners.

2) Bolted On Backs

Though this type of back is not widespread in recliners, however, some recliner’s backs are conserved with the bolts. , you can hold them in place by securing them to the posts of the seats. In short, to remove them, you should unbolt the back first.

3) Locking Levers

There are metal posts connected at the seat on each side of the back. The bracket of the recliner is secured when they slide onto those posts. Further, you can flip it to lock it back into proper posture. Its essential part of back pain recovery recliners.

3 Methods To Remove Back Of A Recliner?

Here is everything you need to know about how to detach the back of a recliner conveniently:

Method # 01

  1. Roll the sofa forward and lift the rear upholstery strip. Tilt the sofa forward, so the back faces straight upward into the air. Further, many upholster sofas have a detachable back that you can remove easily to expose the inner frame.
  2. Check the frame on each side of the sofa’s seats for locating the locking levers. You may see a metal lever at any position pointing in a downward position. Moreover, you can also see between the center if your sofa has a center console.
  3. Stick your hands into the rear on the sofa’s left and right sides in case if your sofa does not have a detachable strap. After that, look for the locking lever pointing in a downward position.
  4. Raise each lever and release the seatback by using a flat head screwdriver or your fingertips. After unlocking the lever, return the sofa to its normal position and lift the back out of its frame.

Method # 02

  1. You can lift the sofa into its front in an alternate method so that its backside faces straight upward the roof. Look under the sofa and search for the base bars.
  2. Once you have found those base bars, use a drill to unfasten each screw and bolt from its base bars.
  3. It is advisable to have someone with you for help when you remove the last bar. This is because when you detach the last bar, the individual seats will come apart. However, having someone holding the sofa will prevent its component from spilling over and damaging other objects.

Method # 03

  1. In this method, when you first lift the rear upholstery panel of your sofa, take a picture of the base, frame, and other relevant things. So, you know what it will look like when you assembled it.
  2. Make sure to have small plastic bags and containers available near you when you are dismantling. Then place your screws, bolts, hardware tools, and nuts in plastic bags to conveniently use later. For added convenience, you can label the small bags.
  3. During reassembling, reinstall the top bar first. After reinstalling the top bar, drive the screws into the remaining bars to reassemble the sofa base.
  4. After that, detach the seats by replacing the back. Then, locate the locking levers and push each lever down to lock the seat. Now! You are done with the detaching.

Life-Saver Tips For Smooth Detaching

  • Unplug any cords from sources of electricity before disassembling if your recliner uses electricity.
  • First, check your manual instructions to have full information about how to disassemble your specific model.

How To Put The Back On A Recliner?

Once you have arranged your recliner base where you want to put it, then follow these steps to put them back in a recliner position properly.

  1. Position the metal guides on the recliner back into the receivers’ clips which are found on the recliner base. Moreover, you should do this process while holding on to either side of the recliner back. ( This step might seem a bit frustrating because lining brackets correctly in a perfect alignment is a time-consuming task)
  2. Once metal guides are aligned to put into the receiver clip, lock them into place by pressing down the recliner.
  3. After that, pull over the covering of a recliner from the top and attach it over the bottom.
  4. Finish off by adding the screws and fix the levers. Before ending, make sure that the recliner and back are securely and properly locked.

Quick Summary of Methods

Though the step-by-step guide is easy to understand, however, we want to provide you with a quick and summarized breakdown of the method to deliver the maximum convenience.

We are just removing the fabric from the bottom attached by hoop-and-loop tape in the detachment process. Then we have to put this fabric up to avoid any mess. After that, we release the back off to make it come off from the brackets.

For the reattachment, we line up the brackets and metal guides. Then, we have to orient them into one another after aligning them correctly.

After this, we have to attach the fabric, which we have detached during the detachment in the dismantling, to the bottom of a recliner.

Yeah! With this method, attachment and detachment are finished.

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Summing up, moving furniture either in the house or even to another room is difficult as they are bulky. Moreover, detaching them will provide a lot more easiness in moving them.

In some cases, movement without measurement leads to the situation in which we got to find out that the recliner is not going to fit into the room later. So, we are reminding you again to do proper measurements before so that you will not get into that shit situation.

Moreover, if we talk about their detachment, then we can say that it is quite easy. However, the hardest part is locating the releasing points and usage of the screwdrivers. You can make the process simpler by following appropriate and convenient methods.

We hope you have discovered many tips and tricks and an ethical method from this piece of content to proceed with the detachment. So, pull your cuffs up, gather lots of energy and enjoy the hassle-free separation of a back of a recliner.

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