11 Common Lazy Boy Recliner Problems with Their Solution

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Did you just buy a Lazy boy recliner, or are you looking to buy one for yourself? If yes, then we can help you to buying and will resolve any of your problem related to your recliner! Just imagine yourself coming home from a long day at work. We bet you would surely want a comfortable place to wind down.

In that case, Lazy boy recliners are just what you need to relax. Recliners are a must-have appliance in every household. With this recliner, you can enjoy one comfy spot in your living room where you spend your evenings comfortably without having back pains.

Lazy boy recliners are a good investment, but at the same time, not everything is perfect. Therefore, maybe this recliner has some problems but don’t worry because we can fix every problem for you.

Also, before purchasing such a recliner, you must have a lot of questions. You might wonder about the different problems that come with it or whether it is a good investment or not? Well, this article has answers to all your queries. So keep reading!

Why Should You Buy A Lazy Boy Recliner?

Over the years’ Recliners have become a basic necessity in households. The marketplace has grown over the years, and lots of options are available now. These numerous options might be overwhelming for some of you.

Also, choosing the right brand requires lots of thinking. It would be best if you looked at many factors before reaching a decision.

You will be happy to know that Lazy boy recliners are the answer to your problems. Moreover, its customers testify about its comfort and usefulness. And why wouldn’t they?

The brand promises the best quality, total lumbar support and a cooperative customer care department. These reasons are enough to convince you that the Lazy boy recliner should be at your home due to its useful purpose.

Some Common Lazy Boy Recliner Problems & Solution

Now, before buying, you should also think about the various problems that will come with it. Over the years, you will run into multiple complications. But, don’t worry as those problems can be easily solved. Here, we list some of the basic ones along with quick solutions:

1. Electrical Problems

In the case of an electrical recliner, you will have to troubleshoot the electrical part first before moving on to anything else. You can follow the below-mentioned points to solve your problem:

  1. First, you need to check the in-line plug-ins. These plug-ins are loose and can easily become disconnected when the recliner is moved. Make sure to take a flashlight and reconnect the loose wires carefully.
  2. You may also use electrical tape to keep the wires in place.
  3. If your recliner is not switching on, check the outlet. You can also connect a lamp with it to see if it’s working.
  4. If your outlet is working, but the recliner is experiencing problems, you have to check your transformer. In case of a faulty transformer, order a new one from Amazon or contact Lazy Boy customer services.

2. Mechanical Problems

Here we will list some of the mechanical problems you might run into.

a) Foot Rest Problems

Your footrest is at the risk of loosening with time. Therefore, you need to fix this problem as soon as it arises. To fix it, you need a screwdriver, some screws, and a flashlight.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Turn over the Recliner. After that, turn on the flashlight.
  2. Look for any loosened screws. Tighten them with the screwdriver.
  3. Some screws may have fallen off. Therefore, you need to replace them.

b) Spring Problems

The Recliner uses many springs for its mechanism. These springs are essential for proper working. Any damage to them will result in the recliner not working properly.

Make sure to keep the following things in mind about springs:

  1. First of all, you need to lubricate the springs regularly. You can turn over the recliner and apply lubricant. When you lubricate the springs, it will ultimately solve most problems.
  2. Under excessive force, the spring might break. Therefore, order a replacement spring online and replace it yourself or contact Lazy Boy Recliner Repair Services. They will do it for you.

3. Recliner Problems

a) Chair Levers

The broken chair lever can be very distressing. The three different types of chair levers are locking levers, locking tabs or catches, and bolted on backs. The steps to repairing them are as follows:

For locking levers, you need to check the brackets. After that, you have to fasten the brackets on the side of the seat.
For locking tabs, use a flat screwdriver to keep the tab in its place.
For bolts on the back, remove the panel and tighten them. After tightening, place the panel back into its place.

b) Recliner Pull handle

Sometimes your recliner pull handle might break. However, this is a very easy problem to fix. You can do it yourself.

  1. Purchase a new pull handle.
  2. Unfasten the screws and remove the previous pull handle.
  3. Attach the new pull handle by fastening the screws.
  4.   Reclines Too Much.

In case the Recliner tilts too much, you have a tension problem. To fix this, you need to increase the tension in the mechanism.

c) Recliner Hand Control

A broken hand control only means a broken control wire. To fix this, turn over the recliner and use electrical tape to fix the defect. For other mechanism problems, contact your Lazy Boy Repair Center.

4) Non-Mechanical Problems

a) Leather Problems

Over time, the leather on your recliners is going to experience some wear and tear. It comes naturally with continuous use. However, cracked leather does not mean you have to throw out your old recliner.

You can easily repair your leather by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. First, you need to remove the dirt from the leather. You should do it with a soft brush or a dry piece of cloth.
  2. Second, you need to wash the leather. For this, add some soap and water to a mixture. Dip a cloth in the mixture and use it to clean the recliner. After cleaning, let it dry.
  3. Third, you need to repair the cracks in the leather. Purchase a leather repair kit. It should have everything you will need to repair.

If you feel like the above steps require a lot of effort, you can always take it to a customer care center.

b) Uncomfortable Chair

All those long hours of sitting on your recliner mean that the padding will be damage soon. Over the years, the padding will be compressed. The chair will become too uncomfortable or stiff for you to sit on. Lucky for you, this problem does not require drastic measures.

You can contact your Lazy Boy Repair center, and they will replace the padding for you. After the replacement, your recliner will be as good as new.

FAQs About Lazy Boy Recliners

In this section, we answer some basic questions you might have.

Are Lazy Boy Recliners real leather?

Yes, Lazy Boy Recliners have real leather. They use both top hide and split hide leather. Top hide leather lines the seat, whereas split hide leather is used on the back and handles. Moreover, top hide leather is soft to touch. It makes the recliner very comfortable.

How long should a Lazy Boy Recliner last?

Lazy Boy Recliner can last a long time. You may need to replace it every 7 to 10 years. But with care and regular maintenance, its life will increase. Some customers claim that they don’t have to buy a new recliner for decades.

Are Lazy Boy Recliners guaranteed for life?

Some parts are guaranteed for life while others are not. Mechanical parts, spring assembly, and frame parts for the manual and power recliner chairs are under a lifetime guarantee. In contrast, the leather is covered for one year. You may contact Lazy Boy Customer Care for more details. To claim a warranty, keep your original receipt of purchase safely.

Can You Fix a Lazy Boy Recliner?

Most problems that you may run into can be fixed easily. We have explained some fundamental problems above and their solutions. You can do the basic repairs yourself. Moreover, Lazy Boy offers repair services too. It also provides replacement parts that can save you from a lot of trouble.

Are Lazy Boy Recliners worth the money?

Yes, Lazy Boy Recliners are worth the money. They offer things that other brands do not.

Full lumbar support, four-sided framing, locking footrest, and contour foam are features unique to this brand. You can not find them in other recliners. These features make Lazy Boy Recliners your best purchase.

What Recliners are comparable to Lazy Boy?

In case you want to buy a Recliner that is comparable to lazy Boy in the lesser price range, then some options are also available for you. Palliser, Ashley, Flexteel, Catnapper, and Southern Motion are all brands you can consider buying from. Recliners from these brands have their own features and promise you the same comfort as a Lazy Boy purchase.


Summing up, the Lazy boy recliner promises a lifetime of support and comfort—a solution to your back problems.

Everyone wishes to enjoy such a luxury. This article has answered the basic questions you might have before buying one. We have also given solutions to some lazy boy recliner problems that you might face. We hope this article will be helpful and informative for you. Do tell us which part did you find the most helpful?

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