How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever?

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Do you want to raise your office chairs’ height but have no idea how to do that without a lever? If the answer is yes, there is no need to freak out, as we are going to offer you a comprehensive manual about how to raise an office chair without a lever.

Many shapes and sizes are available in office chairs. In offices, there are a variety of chairs present for different purposes. Most of the chairs have a lever system to adjust the height. Often these levers are hard to reach or are broken.

For this purpose, we will provide you with the 3 simplest ways to change your office chair’s height. Let’s check them out!

3 Ways To Raise Office Chair Without Lever

After you are sure what type of office chair you have and what height you want, you can easily adjust it accordingly. The process may seem complicated, but it is a matter of seconds.

Usually, you can adjust office chairs through three different methods. Through these methods, you can raise your chair to an optimum level for your comfort.

1) Clockwise And Counterclockwise Adjustment

Executive or old office chairs have no levers for making height adjustments. You have to stand up from chairs to adjust them, as you cannot raise such chairs while sitting on them. To change the height, you must rotate them clockwise or counterclockwise.

While at first, try to acknowledge which movement is best for raising the height and which one is for lowering the height. Make sure whether clockwise or anticlockwise may raise or lower your office chair.

Adjust the height accordingly by rotating the chair seat. Once you alter it, check it for suitable height and just sit on it for a moment. If the height is satisfactory, then the chair is ready to go. If the size still needs adjustment, repeat the process.

2) Under-Chair Bolt Adjustment

Some office chairs may not have the feature of rotation for adjusting the height. However, they may have a bolt under the chair that helps to adjust the height. There is no need to panic as we are talking about nuts and bolts. You only need to twist the bolt consequently to adjust the height.

Firstly, check your office chair if it has a bolt beneath it. For this, you have to stand in front of the chair as you cannot alter these office chairs’ height while sitting on them. You must have access to the bolt to turn it manually.

As soon as you revolve it, the bolt underneath the chair may raise or get lower. Accordingly, to your preference, you can adjust the height. Moreover, try to make markings like a table or screen up to which you want to raise your office chair. You can repeat the process until you get the height you desire.

3) Back Height Adjustment

Apart from twisting bolts or rotating chair seats for adjusting height, you can change back height or armrest too. Some office chairs have the option of adjusting their backrests to give you a comfortable position. They work by moving forward and backwards.

You have to take care of all the options of adjusting the height of the headrest. Moreover, try to look for a reclining feature in an office chair as they are the most comfortable.

With an adjustable height of the back seat, you can rest comfortably. You will be able to perform your duties diligently, depending on your personal preferences.

Apart from these backrests, you may also look out for adjustable armrests. Armrests will provide your arms full support while working or relaxing.

🧊Why Does A Good Position Of Office Chair Matters?

Adjustment of an office chair is essential to keep yourself in a restful position. However, these adjustments should be perfect according to your preferences. Still, sitting on your office chair all the time may not be easy all the time.

If you do not adjust your office chair properly, then be ready to have every type of pain and physical aches. Moreover, with the passing time, you may develop a bad posture as well.

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🧊Can You Adjust Every Kind Of Office Chair?
You can adjust any kind of office chair easily. However, methods of adjustment may vary. You can adjust some of the office chairs with a lever, whereas you can adjust others manually. Height adjustment is vital to every office chair. A perfect height will save you from a lot of trouble.

Height adjustment may largely depend on the form of office chair you have. Modern office chairs have a unique lever, so you can push them to adjust the height accordingly. Whereas older chairs or executive chairs usually don’t have any lever. You have to adjust them manually.

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🧊How To Choose The Correct Height?
There are some considerations that you can think of while adjusting the height of your office chair. First and foremost, you must think of the workspace you are working in. Also, take notice whether your desk is too high or too low.

Moreover, what is the position of your keyboard? Is it accessible or not? Try to locate your perfect spot for sitting in according to your workspace.

Secondly, try to arrange the base of your seat in such a way that it fits the floor evenly. Your legs should be comfortable and must be at a 90-degree angle. Moreover, try to keep your thighs in a perfectly horizontal position.

Also, check if your office chair comes up with an adjustment feature or not, as you do not want to buy an office chair that does not have any quality of height adjustment.

Lastly, when you decide on the height you want for your office chair, it is time to learn how you can raise your chair without a lever. For this purpose, carry on to the next section to know how to do so.

Final words

Mastering how you can raise your office chair without a lever is not a complex task. Indeed, it is an ordinary process as soon as you master it. Adjusting the height manually can be exhausting for you, but you can have a comfortable height that fits according to your requirements in the end.

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