How to Fix a Recliner Mechanism: Pull-Handle, Lever & Power Button

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When it comes to comfort and ease, a recliner can be your best friend. But if any issue comes out of the blue, it can ruin your recliner experience. Moreover, if your recliner gets stuck and can’t recline anymore, then it’s time to learn how to fix your recliner mechanism yourself.

Also, you can face issues like this regularly, so it’s better to know fixing it yourself to save some good money and avoid rushing to the professionals every time. If you’ve finally diagnosed the issue, now is the time to fix it.

So, pull up your sleeves because you’re going to learn some simple and easy ways that can help you repair your recliner with some handy tools and save you some cash.

Furthermore, many issues can arise in recliners and affect their efficiency. But the three most common are the pull-handle, the lever, or the power-button mechanism.

In this article, we will provide you the solution to fix your recliner mechanism without leaving the comfort of your home. So, keep scrolling!

First You Need to Understand Recliner Mechanism

Now, as you’re stepping forward in repairing your recliner, first understand what kind of recliner mechanism you have. Most of the reclining sofas have an exact mechanism with some variations, but you know that the function of all recliners is quite the same.

One type of reclining chair mechanism works with the cable system in which the lever activates the cable and allows the backseat and footrest to release or close. Moreover, the cable gets loosen-up or breaks, which makes the reclining seat unable to recline.

In another type, the arms present on the outside of the recliner are responsible for its movement. Loosening or shredding of bolt holding the arm makes it impossible for a reclining seat to do its job.

That’s why knowing your type of reclining mechanism is important is necessary before you start to learn how you can repair it.

Why Your Recliner No More Reclines?

Before commencing your fixing plan, you need to understand the causes of your problematic recliner. This approach will help you to figure out the real problem and fix it in the right way.

If you skip this step and don’t look for the real cause, you may end up creating more problems instead of solving one. Some of the reasons that may occur in any recliner are:

  • Broken handle
  • In-line plug gets disconnected
  • Motor malfunctioning
  • Broken lever
  • Power-switch damage
  • Faulty cable
  • Loose chair tension springs
  • Loose framework
  • Stuck release trigger

Sometimes manufacturing faults are also there. In that case, it’s better to contact your recliner manufacturer for fixing or even replacing it if the problem remains there.

How to Fix Recliner Pull-Handle?

The Pull-handle of your recliner either gets damaged or breaks completely. In both cases, replacing with the new one is the best and long-time solution.

With the malfunctioned pull handle, it’s impossible to move your backseat and footrest. Get the right handle by knowing the model number of your recliner.

Tools Required:

  • Hex key or Allen Wrench
  • Screwdriver (Torx, Philip)
  • Handle replacement

Steps To Be Followed:

  1. The first thing you should do is to turn your recliner upside down. For this, make sure that the recliner is closed, the footrest being down, and the backseat is in the upright position. You may require some extra hand for this as the recliner sofa or loveseat can be heavy.
  2. You can now see the mechanism from inside after flipping your recliner. This position will give you a clear inside view of the mechanism.
  3. Now you’re able to see a damaged or broken handle from the inside that needs to be replaced.
  4. Take Allen Wrench to remove screws and place them safely because you will need them again for reassembling the new handle.
  5. After removing screws, now release the old handle with care to protect recliner fabric from ripping off; that may cause more mess and ultimately increasing the replacing cost.
  6. Take off the decorative plate to detach the cable from the old handle. Push gently on the line and get this out from the handle.
  7. Now it’s time to introduce your recliner with the new handle. Slide the cable in the new handle, pull it up and fix it in place.
  8. Put the decorative plate back, and then reassemble the new handle back in the incliner.
  9. Tighten up with the screws and make sure the handle is all set in place.

To check if you’ve done it right, give it a test run. Bring the recliner back in its upright position, sit on it, pull the handle, and feel the same comfort again.

Fixing your recliner handle doesn’t take much effort once you learn it. Repairing it yourself brings satisfaction, and you can avoid the displeasing experience of taking your recliner to the manufacturer’s facility and wait for days to see and feel it again.

How to Fix Recliner Lever?

Sometimes lever damages or breaks down completely when used with applying too much pressure and pulling. It hints you to fix it to make your backseat and footrest work properly.

With the continuous use of the lever over a while, the lever can get stuck. You might start feeling devastated if the footrest doesn’t pop out or the backseat doesn’t let you relax. But when you finally diagnose the issue, don’t waste any more time fixing it yourself.

If you fix the damaged lever, chances are your recliner would need that fixing again after some time. So, replacing it with the new one is the only way out to avoid repetitive fixing.

Tools Required:

  • Lever replacement
  • Allen Wrench
  • Screwdriver (Torx, Philip)

Steps To Be Followed:

  1. Firstly, you need to know the model number of your recliner. This information will help you to choose the correct replacement lever for your recliner. And, if you’re not able to find the right lever to fit in your recliner, you can purchase a universal recliner lever.
  2. Turn your recliner upside down with the headrest facing downwards. In this way, you can see the point where the lever is joined with the mechanism.
  3. Now, look carefully and find out if the lever just got loosen up or broken entirely.
  4. You can see a cable that runs through your recliner and connects with the lever. When you pull the lever, it activates the cord and pulls it down. Oftentimes, if you activate the lever and nothing happens, the cable may get loosen up or detaches from the lever that causes no movement of your recliner’s backseat and footrest.
  5. Knowing about the problem, proceed to fix it by taking off the screws from both sides of the lever. Keep these screws intact to use for reassembling the lever.
  6. After removing screws, take off the decorative plate to install the new lever to the mechanism.
  7. Now replace the lever, fix it in place using bolts and screws, and don’t forget to install the decorative plate again. Work on tightening up screws properly to avoid wiggle.
  8. Turn the recliner back in its upright position and check its efficiency by testing it. If you feel the same comfort and its backseat and footrest are moving as expected to be, then you’ve accomplished your goal of fixing it.

You can get irritated in one try fixing your recliner lever. But when you do it once, it becomes easier, and you don’t have to wait for any professional assistance to come and fix it for you in the future.

How to Fix Recliner Power Button?

  • One of the most common issues you might encounter is the damaged power button in power recliners. If you find any likewise issue, replacing it with the new power button is the only solution for your power recliner.
  • The power transformer box plugs into the recliner’s motor, and a cord coming out of the motor connects it to the switch.
  • If your power recliner stops working, you can tackle this issue yourself. Apart from the power button, your recliner can face some of these issues as well.
  • Make sure that your recliner is plugged in and all connections are secured.
  • Wiring can have cuts and splits if it gets stuck into the mechanism.
  • Check your power transformer box for its efficient power supply to the whole power unit.

Your recliner might face any of the issues mentioned above, but most commonly, it’s the power switch that requires a replacement.

Tools Required:

  • Philips screwdriver
  • Power button replacement

Steps To Be Followed:

  1. Once you diagnose that your recliner’s switch is damaged and not conveying the power supply to the motor, then grab a new one for replacement.
  2. For starting the actual action of fixing the power button, disconnect your recliner from the adapter, wall plug-in, surge protector, and electric supply.
  3. Try to bring your recliner to an open area where you can work efficiently and everything inside the mechanism is visible. Power recliners are heavy, so you can also ask for help.
  4. Flip your recliner to have a clear view of the inside mechanism and access inner parts to perform your work more comfortably and efficiently.
  5. Twist and turn the screw protector and remove it to expose four screws that hold it in place.
  6. Remove all four screws using your Philips screwdriver and look for the power switch cable connected to the motor.
  7. Here, you’ll see a five-prong plug attached to the motor. Detach it from the motor and now pull out the switch gently out of its place.
  8. After removing the faulty power switch, reverse the process, place the new switch correctly, and fix it.
  9. Place your recliner back in place and test if the switch button works efficiently now.
  10. Reattach your recliner with the adapter, wall plug, and electric supply and turn the switch button on.
  11. If the recliner is back in the position, then you have successfully restored its functionality.

Be careful in fixing the power button and turn the electric supply off to protect your hand from getting into the mechanism.

Note: If the recliner still doesn’t move, then there are chances of a faulty motor, and for that, you need to contact the manufacturer for fixing or replacing in case of a warranty.

Avoid Health Risks:

Now that you’ve learned about fixing your recliner, it’s important to make a wise decision while buying it in the first place. Back pain can make someone’s life terrible, and having a wrong seat can make it even worse.

So, look for a recliner that matches your height and weight, easy to get in and out of, and puts less stress on your spine. Stress-less recliners, Push-back recliners, and Power recliners are some of the examples that are well-suited for people with any back pain.

Most Comfortable Recliner for lower Back Pain

Getting a good-quality recliner can keep you from repairing it for a long time, but there is no harm in doing it yourself if it needs fixing.

Learn For The Sake Of Your Comfort:

Learning how to fix your recliner mechanism may seem hard to do when you grab your tools for the first time and stare at damaged or broken pull-handle, lever or power button, or any other part that requires fixing.

But don’t get panic and simply follow the above-mentioned step-by-step guide, and you’re good to fix it yourself using the right tools.

Recliners are designed to provide comfort, peace, and tranquility to their users. You can have your best time of the day relaxing on it while reading a book, recliner for watching T.V or even falling asleep. So, your best buddy requires regular maintenance to avoid getting into big trouble.

Fixing your recliners can benefit you in many ways; it helps you save money, time and gives you a chance to learn a new skill. So don’t hesitate, buckle down, and you’re close to being an expert!

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