How To Move Recliners By Yourself?

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Are you worried about moving the recliner by yourself because you live alone, or you want to move it somewhere else? If yes, then don’t worry! This article has covered your problem, from protecting your recliner to the recliner’s movement with zero damage.

Moving the recliner can be a very troublesome task, especially when you are doing it by yourself. Therefore, make sure to move it with care or with someone’s help. Also, knowing safe lifting tactics beforehand would be great.

For your help, it can be done in three easy or not-so-easy steps. The first step should be to decide your movement’s route; secondly, disassemble the recliner, and lastly, re-installation the recliner.

3 Easy Steps to Manually Move a Power Recliner

Let’s get started to know these helpful steps!

Step 1: Decide The Route/Mind-Map

Decide beforehand from where you will pass through while moving the recliner. It may sound like a preliminary step, but it is not. First of all, estimate the width of doors in your pathway so you can pass easily.

Maybe your work will be doubled or more than that if you tried to move the recliner from somewhere and it refuses to move. Therefore, you will need to take it back and think of something else.

So, it is very necessary to take measures before actually moving the recliner.  The bulkiness of the recliner can cause many damages to the floor, walls, or you. Make yourself fully acknowledged about moving the recliner before practically doing it.

Step 2: How To Disassemble The Recliner For Moving?

Things You Need To Disassembling The Recliner Are:

  • Flat-blade screwdriver
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Plastic zipper bags/container
  • Straps
  • Moving blankets

1) Take Off The Recliner’s Cushions

The first step of disassembling your recliner is to make sure it has no stuff over it. Put all the things and seats aside so you can focus on the disassembling as well as the reassembling process of the recliner.

2) Remove The Backrest Of The Recliner

As you move the recliner all by yourself, it would be easy to move it in parts. Different models have different settings, though in order to remove the backrest of your recliner smoothly, find the release locks at the backrest, which is also at the bottom of the chair’s rear.

You can use the screwdriver to lift the levers. After that, make sure to unscrew the brackets underneath the recliner. You can take pictures of unscrewing the bolts or steps of unscrewing, so you don’t have to worry about reassembling the recliner.

3) Remove The Base And Wrap Up All The Parts

Now is the time to set the base straight. After separating all the parts of the recliner, wrap them individually in the plastic sheet. Tape the wraps so they can be prevented from any kind of damage to your floor or walls.

4) Store The Screws In A Zipper Bag

Make a few small zipper bags or containers to put every different bolt or screw in a separate case. Also, make sure you didn’t mess up the reassembling process because there’s no one to help you out. Try to do everything in an organized way. So you have to worry less. Moreover, it would be best if you labeled the bags/containers or directly write in some words where to install them.

5) Move

This step usually requires two people; to move the recliner from one place to another through a cart dolly or a two-wheeler.

As you are doing it alone, so it requires double the effort. You can move it in parts, one by one. Lift the backrest and base by cart one by one and move them to your desired place. It would be best if you had to manage to incline the back and front of the recliner.

Remember, when you are moving it, don’t rush at all. It may cause you injury, or it can defect your floor or wall.

Take the steps with utmost care. Do not hurry. After moving the recliner parts to the new place, remove the cart, remove the tape, plastic, and get ready to reassemble it.

Step 3: Re-Installment Of The Recliner

To reassemble the recliner, bring it to some open area. Start the process in a sequence; make sure your thumbscrews, brackets, and all the bolts are separate and closed.
Locate where the brackets belong; in case you have any ambiguity, look back at the pictures you took while disassembling the recliner.

It would be very easy if you start to reassemble the top bar first. You can line the top bar parts in an upward direction so their backs face the ceiling. Re-attach the bolts and screws where they fit. Start from the center of the top bar and then move to the sides.

Now align the base of the recliner and place the screws to the bars left. Add screws or tabs in the provided places after you are done with sliding, and ensure that the brackets are not shaking.
If there is no missing screw, then you are finished with the re-installation.

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Things To Take Care Of Recliner During Movement

From start to the end of the whole process, remember these following things:

  1. Check the width of the recliner and doorways
  2. Lock levers at the back
  3. Make sure to lock your recliner chair in the upright position
  4. Slide a hand truck at the back of the recliner chair
  5. Guide the recliner to the upstairs position
  6. Don’t hurry at all


Summing up, this article has shared all minor to major crucial tips to transport your recliner without stress. Moving the recliner all by yourself is not an easy task, though. But obviously, you can do it. There is no need to worry about the movement.

All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned above, take some time to weigh in some factors, and enlist some helpers like your friends or family members if the recliner is too heavy. Everything else is all set. We hope this article was informative for you and can help you move recliners by yourself.

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