Best Recliner For Dementia & Stroke Patients

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Are you looking for the best recliner for dementia and stroke patients due to their mobility issues but don’t know what features to look at before buying?

If yes, then you have landed in the right place. This article will guide you thoroughly about the ideal recliners for Dementia & Stroke Patients that will meet your specific needs.

It is not easy to deal with dementia because it affects the brain and makes daily movements like sitting and getting up from the chair a challenge.

Specifically, the area of the brain which controls coordination and balance gets badly affected in dementia patients. On the other hand, heart and stroke patients need more comfort and rest.

Suddenly getting up from a chair or sofa can be complicated and cause fall. One of the best ways to keep both stroke and dementia patients relaxed is to transform their home and furniture into a comfortable one. That allows them to have some independence.

So, we will tell you all about it and suggest the best recliners as you progress below, so keep reading.

5 Most Comfy Recliners For Dementia & Stroke Patients 2022

1) Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa

Best Recliner For Stroke Patients

 Our Top Pick 

  • Item dimension: 7 x 34.6 x 41 inches
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Item weight: 320 Pounds
  • Functional power lift
  • Smooth adjustment
  • Heavy-duty mechanism

Mcombo electric power lift recliner is designed to provide a high comfort level. There is a push-button present at the side of the chair through which you can make the chair recline according to your comfort level.

This recliner doesn’t make squeaky noise while reclining because of its TUV motor, which is very efficient and high quality. It can adjust up to 160degrees so you can lie back.

Furthermore, you can adjust the position of the chair without any hustle because it comes with the remote operating system. Also, this recliner comes with two USB charging ports, which makes it different from other recliners.

Not only this, once you spent money on the Mcombo recliner chair sofa, you can rest assured with TUV certification because it lasts longer.

  1. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa comes with a solid frame and metallic body.
  2. It supports body weight and gives freedom to sit comfortably.
  3. Also, it has a remote to control the reclining feature.
  1. You can recline Mcombo electric power lift recliner chair sofa from 130 degrees to 140 degrees.
  2. Also, it is easy to adjust the position of this recliner according to your needs.
  3. The fabric of Mcombo is resistant to stains.

  • Full-body vibrations
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to clean
  • USB charging port

  • Too heavy
  • Slightly expensive

2) Ashley Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner

Ashley Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner

 Best for Stroke Patients 

  • Item dimension: 40 x 35 x 42.63 inches
  • Material: Leather
  • Item weight: 139 pounds
  • Attractive design
  • Dual motor lift
  • Hand control adjustment

Ashley Yandel upholstered power lift recliner is a solution to all types of mobility issues. Although it might look less beautiful to the eyes, it comes with a high-end comfort level, but the padded cushions and robust structure hides it all.

Further, Ashley Yandel’s power lift recliner chair comes with a dual motor feature where one motor controls the movement of the backrest and footrest.

While the second motor is assigned for lifting function. In addition, a remote control is attached to control multiple recline functions, which will allow you to sit in numerous postures.

Above all, the cover of the Ashley Yandel power lift recliner chair is made up of bonded leather. Moreover, the chair comes in two colors, saddle and black, which matches swiftly with your home décor.

  1. Ashley Yandel’s power lift recliner is best with its multiple movement features.
  2. It comes with a leg rest area.
  3. With a one-touch button, you can easily adjust the seats and back pads.
  1. It is best for people who are disabled and feel difficulty in movement.
  2. The body is covered with upholstery leather that looks stylish and sturdy.

  • Budget-friendly
  • High in strength
  • Slow movements
  • Power lift and tilt

  • Oversized
  • Less durable

3) Irene House Dual OKIN Motor Lift Chair Recliners

Irene House Power Lift Recliner for Elderly

 Best for Dementia 

  • Item dimension: 31 x 36 x 42 inches
  • Surface Material: Breath leather
  • Item weight: 7 pounds
  • Robust construction
  • Comfortable style
  • Dual Okin motors

Joint pains get worse with age, which makes it quite tough to sit and stand up. Therefore, Irene house dual Okin recliner is best for you.

Due to its power lift functionality, you can easily adjust the height of the chair. It comes with remote control to incline the chair while sitting, which will aid the sitting person into a standing position.

However, Irene house’s recliner chair has German Okin motors that serve dual functions. Also, this chair reclines with one touch. Plus, it lifts the chair from the base, which helps an elderly individual in sitting and standing.

Moreover, Irene house dual Okin motor lift chair reclines in three positions. So, you can sit, relax, and sleep.

  1. With dual Okin motors, the backrest and footrest are independently controlled.
  2. Also, it has four buttons hand control to lift the recliner.
  3. The position lock feature is infinite.
  1. Irene house’s dual Okin motor recliner chair is overstuffed with soft pillows.
  2. Also, it fits perfectly with your furniture due to its compact size.

  • Have side pockets
  • Classic design
  • One-touch control
  • High durability

  • Not for tall people
  • Limited warranty

4) Homall Recliner Chair Padded Seat Pu Leather

Homall massage Recliner

 Comfortable for Mental Health 

  • Item dimension: 31 x 27.16 x 20.67 inches
  • Material: High-quality PU leather
  • Item weight: 61 pounds
  • Thickly padded seats
  • Wide armrests
  • Double padded footrest

Homall recliner chair is a budget-friendly product, although it is not equipped with vibrations and other advanced facilities.

Yet, it has thickly padded seats along with curved wide armrests and plenty of full padding at the footrest. Plus, the Homall recliner chair is made with leather that keeps you from being hot and uncomfortable.

However, the comfortable seats of the Homall recline chair allow you to recline to three different positions for watching tv, taking a nap, and reading books while relaxing.

Although the chair cannot recline back to 180 degrees, it reclines enough to let you sleep. The back of the chair is densely padded and highly comfortable to rest. It is best for Degenerative Disc Disease & Tailbone Pain.

  1. This recliner has a retractable footrest that can easily adjust according to your desired position.
  2. Plus, it comes with four plastic feet, which makes it stick to the ground.
  1. It comes with four wheels padded with foot protection that protects the floor and sofa from marks.
  2. It can recline in different positions so you can watch tv, read or sleep.

  • Comfortable cushions
  • Multiple reclining positions
  • Soft upgraded footrest
  • Stylish design

  • No heat mechanism
  • No vibrations feature

5) Able Life Tray Table | Essential for Dementia Patient

Able Life Tray Table for Elderly

 Suggested Product 

  • Item dimension: 20 x 18 x 34 inches; 4 Pounds
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Item weight: 4 pounds
  • Fully adjustable
  • Ease to assemble
  • Bamboo tray table

With an Able life tray table, you can do it all, eat, browse the internet or enjoy your book. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in pocket to hold your cups and cold drinks.

Plus, it is reasonable in size and can swivel up to 360 degrees to get out of the way when not in use. It is made up of bamboo, so it is pretty light in weight and can hold up to 30 pounds.

Moreover, it is perfectly sized to fit with any couch, sofa, and chair. Also, it is effortless to assemble and does not require any tools. The handle attached to it is fully adjustable and can rise from 28.5 inches to 36.25 inches.

The body is fully metallic and provides support while standing up. The handle can bear up to 250 pounds weight and measures six by 6 inches.

  1. Able life tray table comes with a sturdy tabletop having a separate compartment for utensils.
  2. It has base adjustments that fit best with chairs and sofas.
  1. It is best for using laptops, placing books, and having food.
  2. Also, it has a separate safety handle to help in standing up.

  • Easy-grip
  • Dual-sided rubber pads
  • Multi-use table
  • Rotates to 360 degrees

  • Limited space
  • Slightly high table


As we have discussed in detail the best recliner chairs for dementia and stroke patients, we would like you to evaluate everything before purchasing. For instance, if you are looking for a chair that provides maximum comfort to your legs, back, and body, then Mcombo electric Power lift recliner chair sofa is best for you.

However, if you look for something much more budget-friendly with less advanced functionalities, go for Homall recliner chairs.

Last but not least, the Able life tray table is best for all age groups and provides them with independent living aid. After reading this article, we hope that you have a clear idea about the type of recliner that will be suitable for you.

So, without wasting any time, get one for yourself to achieve ultimate comfort.

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