Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

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Back pain is a common issue faced by every third person in this era. But when we say about pregnant women unfortunately, every pregnant woman faced this problem in the early days of pregnancy. As while pregnancy women weight increase gradually and it also puts high pressure on the lower back area that causes back pain.

And the second most important cause of back pain is pelvis meetup with spine due to which women faced sharp pain at the sacroiliac joint.

So now question raised here:

📝How To Get Relief From Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy?

So we have multiple solutions to resolve this problem that helps to remove back pain permanently and never start again but be consistent and be practical.

1) Proper Sitting Posture

Proper sitting posture means to sit with spinal alignment. And always use an ergonomic reclining chair for that purpose. Not forget about its importance. Because spinal alignment helps to reduce pressure on the back and distribute bodyweight equally. So due to which person sits with a pressure-free back that helps to relieve back pain.

You may use recliner or lumbar support chairs for proper sitting. Because to sit on sofas and big bean chairs never help you regarding that case.

The second tip to sit comfortable position is always sitting with a straight back. And never makes the “C” position of the back. But if you have a drafting chair that has “S’ shape lumber back then it is also good for you.

2) Hot and Cold Massage

Massage is the best way to build strong muscles and improve tissue health by proper blood circulation. So the pregnant women that have too much weight must use this remedy regularly.

You also try Brookstone massage chairs for hot and cold massage because of some massage chairs performance hot and cold massage therapy with airbag massage touch. That is amazing and very helpful to get relief from lower back pain.

3) Sleep on right Side

Pregnant women must be careful while sleeping. She avoids sleeping on back and always choose the right side for sleeping. Bent knees as possible and keep your back straight. She must use a pillow between knees to reduce space and a pillow under the neck for reducing neck pain.

 4) Avoid from lifting

Pregnant women try to avoid lifting because it puts high pressure on the lower back area that causes back pain. But if she wants to pick something from the surface then first bend knees and sit properly. Then pick given thing the stand with the help of some support. These tips help to avoid pressure on the back and help to relieve the sharp pain.

5) Back Stretches and Exercises

As we all know exercise is the best way to maintain body health and also helps pregnant women to avoid weight gain but when we say about pregnant women then it will be a little bit difficult. But today I am going to show some back stretched that every pregnant woman performs easily.

i) Squatting and Pelvic Tilts

How to get relief from lower back pain during pregnancySquatting: This exercise is easy to do and helps to open the pelvis. And the American Pregnancy Association suggested this exercise for every pregnant woman. For this exercise follow given steps.

  • Stand with a straight back and flat feets
  • Then lower yourself gradually and makes chair shape. But remember that your knees no further forward than your feet. And keep your arms straight.
  • Maintain this position for 30 seconds and then return to yourself in a straight position slowly.

Pelvic tilts: This exercise repeat performs 3 to 5 times in a day. It is very easy to perform.

First, keep your hands and knees on the floor and straighten your back.

Tilt the hip forward and arching the spinal cord.

Keep this position for 2 minutes and then repeat it up to 10 times.

ii) Yoga

Yoga is a physical exercise that helps to control breathiness, Relaxation to muscles, improve the digestion system and enhance positive thinking. While pregnancy, yoga is the most beneficial exercise for yourself and your baby healthy. Because it not only gives you physical comfort but it also offers mental relaxation and reduces restlessness.

iii) Perform Physical Activities

Pregnant women should include some physical activities in their daily routine. Physical activities are helpful to maintain body health of both mother and child. And it also reduces weight and cholesterol levels in the body. Your physical activities include morning walk, slowly running and body stretching.

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