How To Sleep In a Office Chair Properly?

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Are you having a hard time-fighting sleep off while working? Is it affecting your productivity?

Worry not; the simple solution to chase off that sleep is to take a nap in your office chair. Yes, you read it right! Your chair can become a temporary bed for you, and you will wake up fresh and motivated after a quick nap.

When you’re working in an office and have to deal with extended office hours, drowsiness is a problem you face now and then. Moreover, it will not only make you seem lazy in front of all your colleagues; it majorly affects your concentration towards work.

Also, it has a considerably negative effect on your productivity in the office, and there comes the point when you can hardly get any job done properly.

It can be because you did not sleep well at night, or the day has gone for too long, and your body cannot cope anymore. Ultimately, you will feel the need to relax through some sleep.

It might sound unattainable because who would sleep in the office, right? Though it might not be the best situation but sleeping in the office chair is not hard. Let us tell you how you can achieve the right level of comfort to doze off easily!

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5 Steps to Follow to Sleep In the Office Chair Properly

 Here are quick steps you can follow to make your nap comfortable and worthwhile.

1- Darken Room

For any person out there, light plays a significant role in determining how their sleep will go. It is necessary to have as little light as possible for a comfortable sleep to overtake you. What you need to do is minimize the sources from where light can pour in your office room.

Close the door to your room. Closing it will block the light and reduce the noise coming from outside of your room. Close the windows and the curtains surrounding them.

If the lights have an option to dim them, use them to your advantage. Settle with the light intensity that will not disturb your sleep.

Do not shut the lights off, as that might grab someone’s attention, and they will come to check up on you. Try to achieve as much darkness as possible in an office room. Ultimately, your eyes feel comfortable with it. In that way, you will doze off far quicker in a dark room.

2- Make Adjustments To The Chair

Your sleeping place in the office needs to be comfortable enough for you to sleep properly. It is a crucial step to follow; otherwise, it might be difficult for you to fall asleep. Many chairs come with many options to adjust according to the user’s need. If you’re lucky, your chair might have all the necessary options for you to use as a bed.

These are the few adjustments that you can make:

  • If it is a reclining chair, then you’re in for a good sleep. Recline it to any angle as per your comfort. Along with the option of reclining, these types of chairs have good armrests and headrests too.
  • If your chair has wheels, then you will have to lock them first before deciding to nap on it. If left unlocked, then they will roll around and ultimately disturbs your sleep.
  • If the armrests of the chair you’re sitting in can be moved, move them in the direction away from your body so you gain enough space on the chair to shift comfortably.

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3- Set Your Position Right

 Make sure your feet are elevated. If your feet remain on the ground while you’re laying on the chair, it might lead to the clotting of blood. Look around to see if there is an extra chair in the room. Use it to put your feet on. If a chair is not available, worry not! You can also use your work desk.

Have a comfortable space for resting your head. You can choose to rest your head on the headrest, but make a note of the fact that your head might stoop down. Stooping of the head can cause strain on the neck, leading to neck stiffness.

You can prevent it by either using a travel pillow or laying your head on the desk. Moreover, you should decide on a comfortable position for your arms. Once your body is comfortably settled, you’re set to sleep peacefully now.

4- Relax Your Body

The office environment is always filled with the hustle and bustle of the day. In such a space, sleeping does not sound like an easy task. Even though you’re tired and struggling to stay awake, worries of the day might make it hard for you to sleep. You’re not the only one unable to fall asleep in the buzz of the office.

It is in human nature to notice all the things in the surroundings and worry themselves over them. A relaxed and calm mind allows peaceful sleep to come. It would be best if you let go of your worries for a while. Moreover, you can focus on your breathing while you’re trying to sleep. Breathe deeply and slowly, and allow yourself to drift off to sleep. You can also listen to music that makes you feel calm and relaxed.

5- Have Sleeping Tools

 If you’re the type of person who likes to take quick naps in the office occasionally, then always be prepared. Keep sleeping tools with you to ensure that the sleep you’re willing to get is filled with comfort.

The right kind of tool can always make sleeping an easy task even in the noisy environment of the office. Either store them in your office, or keep them in your car, so they are always available whenever you’re in need.

Here are some of the tools that you can keep with yourself for a better sleep experience:

i) Earbuds

 The offices are filled with constant noise throughout the time you spend there. Either your colleagues are discussing an assignment, or someone is mixing sugar in their coffee. The noisy environment will disturb your sleep continuously, making you feel irritated.

Using earbuds can erase all types of noises ranging from the continuous chatter of your colleagues to the noise printer makes. Therefore, make sure to always have a pair of earbuds with you. They are portable, easy to carry, and you can even use them anytime the noise around you irritates you.

ii) Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are your best friend if you’re considering sleeping in any place other than your bed. They are comfortable, compact, and do not take much storage. You can use a travel pillow in two ways:

  • It will support your neck while you’re using a headrest. With a travel pillow around your neck, your head will not stoop down. It will prevent neck stiffness this way.
  • If you’re resting your head on your work desk, the surface is going to feel hard and rough. Using a travel pillow is suitable in that situation too.

iii) Travel Blanket

 If your office is centrally air-conditioned, it might be a bit cold for your body to relax completely. Cold can bother you to the point that your sleep will refuse to come. Now, you’re not only tired but irritated too. Having a travel blanket will solve your problem.

It will make the cold go away by engulfing you in warmth. This blanket will not only provide you the comfort of a warm environment, but it can also make you feel cozy.

iv) Eye Mask

Sometimes, you’re just not in a space where you can make your room dim or block any source of light. This situation might not be good for you if you do not have a proper tool to block the light off. If you happen to be stuck in such a situation, a sleeping eye mask is your go-to product. It will block all the unnecessary light out and let you have a relaxing sleep.

v) Sunglasses

Sunglasses do not exactly come in the category of sleeping tools, but they can serve the same purpose. You can use them to save your eyes from any bright light. If all these tools are in the reach of your hand whenever you feel tired, you are set to sleep!

Now that you have read all the steps, let us tell you one last step you should never miss. Never forget to set the alarm after 15 minutes. Sleeping without an alarm is a dangerous situation, and you might delve into a deep sleep that you obviously do not want!

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Summing up, sleeping in an office chair might not be an ideal situation. Moreover, you might take some time to find a comfortable position, but you can manage to nap if you have made the right arrangements properly.

You are going to regain your focus during your working hours, and your productivity level will increase. Also, drowsiness will not bother you anymore and with a refreshed mind, you can do your work in the office.

Moreover, extended office hours can become quite exhausting. The human mind needs rest now and then to regain its focus back. A quick nap does not harm anyone. Doze off for a little while and start your day again, and be the best version of yourself!

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