Best Office Chairs For Varicose Veins & DVT in 2022

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We can understand that you have not been able to sit on those ordinary chairs while having varicose veins. Also, we are aware that you have been absent from work just due to the swollen legs you have because of varicose veins.

However with the ergonomic chair for varicose veins, you never have to worry about anything. All you have to do is choose the chair according to your needs, and voila, you are just good to go.

Moreover, if you don’t have time to read the complete article, in that case, we recommend Reclining Office Desk Chair that is too easy on your pocket. However, if you want some extra features, then go for NYPOT Premium Ergonomic Kneeling Chair.

Without further ado, let’s have a look over the features of some of the best office chair for deep vein thrombosis(DVT).

5 Best Chair for Varicose Veins, DVT & Lymphedema

1) Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair with Footrest

Ergonomic Reclining Office Chair with Footrest

 Our Top Pick 

  • Material: Mesh
  • Brand: SNOVIAY
  • Style: Ergonomic Design
  • Form Factor: Upholster and recliner
  • Weight capacity: 275 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 65.9 pounds

SNOVIAY has always been a world-class manufacturer of recliners. SNOVIAY has ample adjustability in practically every area to make things easier, whether you’re looking for a comfortable seat for yourself or your organization.

Long periods of work or study can cause weariness and muscle ache. The backrest’s cambered foam and robust mesh perfectly accommodate your body and give solid ergonomic support.

Having a backrest in a cambered form in addition to robust mesh perfectly accommodates your body and gives solid ergonomic support. Moreover, long periods of work or study can cause weariness and muscle ache.

This kind of improved airflow in a mesh office chair keeps you cool and comfortable throughout extended sessions.

Additionally, this chair is designed to give you all-day relaxation with a wholly upholstered back, height-adjustable seat, armrests, and a pullout footrest.

For your information, the waterfall seat cushion slides slightly downward to relieve any kind of leg strain you may have. These features also help to improve blood circulation towards legs.

Features those helps to relieve Varicose Veins problem

Furthermore, the built-in lumbar support and movable headrest will assist you in maintaining proper sitting posture for neck and waist protection. As the name suggests, the waterfall seat cushion dips gently downward to help relieve leg discomfort.

Also, the seat depth is way too accommodating. SNOVIAY has designed this chair keeping in mind the spacious depth of the seat. Due to its spacious depth, anyone can be able to adjust themselves way too effortlessly.

A chair with a clumsy armrest is not preferred by anyone. However, with this office chair, you get to have some outstanding armrests. You can adjust them accordingly and have the best time while working.

Furthermore, who doesn’t love a not squishy chair that can glide onto the floor smoothly?

Yes, we all do. This chair features the smoothest wheelbase, which will never make you feel a thing while moving it around. Moreover, they aren’t clumsy like other office chairs, which can actually slip over the floors.

Lastly, built-in lumbar support and movable headrest assist you in maintaining proper sitting, making it the best office chair for lymphedema.

Key Features

  • Backrest
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Silenced wheelbase
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Spacious seat

  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Stress-free to assemble
  • Squeak free
  • Solid build quality
  • Functional spine
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Elegant design

  • The chair is tall for short people

2) HBADA Office Chair – Best for DVT

Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

 Best Budget Chair 

  • Material: Nylon, iron, environment-friendly original foam
  • Brand: HBADA
  • Style: Modern Design
  • Form: Recliner
  • Weight capacity: 136 Kilograms
  • Item Weight: 34.5 Pounds

HBADA, which translates to “black and white tone,” is a professional office furniture provider specializing in black and white tone design.

HBADA specializes in environmentally friendly, elegant, minimalist, and comfy Ergonomic Office Chairs.

The backrest and headrest of this computer chair are Ergonomic-Human-Curve developed, providing complete spinal support. So that the chair moves with the user’s positions, properly holding the spine and relieving pressure and pain on the back for everyday use.

The ergonomic mesh back lets air, body heat, and water vapor move through, preventing heat and humidity from building up around the body. This Minimalism style chair is beautifully built and undoubtedly is a fascinating sitting choice that refreshes your office.

Heavy-duty steel construction, an SGS-certified gas lift cylinder, and a tilt mechanism make it the best office chair for lymphedema. Additionally, it ensures a secure and stable seating position.

Hbada Ergonomic Chair Features - Infographics

Key Features

  • Height adjustment
  • Ventilated mesh back
  • Kinematic tilt mechanism
  • Outstanding seat cushioning
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Ergonomically designed armrest

  • Aesthetic design
  • Affordable
  • Easy-going to move
  • Silent rolling wheels
  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Wide padded seat
  • Perfect for office work

  • Not suitable for heightened people

3) DRAGONN by VIVO Desk Chair for Venous Insufficiency

DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Office Chair

 Best Chair for Varicose Veins 

  • Material: Metal base, some plastic with faux leather
  • Brand: DRAGONN
  • Style: Modern Design
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Item Weight: 18.92 lbs

The DRAGONN Brand is known for producing high-quality premium goods. Here comes DRAGONN Kneeling Chair to the Rescue! The sturdy X design is designed to be supportive and can support up to 250 pounds.

We’ve got your back, as well as your knees, shins, and behind covered altogether. The mesh three-inch-thick cushion of your ergonomic kneeling chair with back support provides superb support.

It has four casters (wheels), so you can move around freely, much like your old office chair.

However, keep in mind that kneeling chairs employ various muscles, so it’s recommended to adapt yourself when using them for the first time or vary positions during the day.

How DRAGONN Kneeling Chair improve anterior pelvic tilt

Also, it has a tilted Posture, which means improved Posture; there’s no need to spend hours hunched over your keyboard or at your workstation. This posture chair has a practical design that combines the benefits of standing with the comfort of sitting.

With the four-fitted gear system, you will be at ease while adjusting the chair up to your requirements. You can quickly press the gear and get the desired adjustments the way you want.

Another astounding feature of this chair is that the wheels have a locking system. Now you never have to worry about the slippage of office chairs on those marble floors.

You can readily lock the front wheels, and voila, you are at the safest place.

Key Features

  • Four fitted gears
  • 3-inch thick cushioning
  • Tilted seat
  • Adjustable height
  • Front locking wheels
  • 360spin

  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Smooth wheeling system
  • Easy to adjust
  • Heavy-duty chair
  • Easy to assemble
  • Improves circulation of blood
  • Relieves tension in muscles

  • Faux leather may wear out

4) Mcombo Large Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

Mcombo Large Electric Power Lift Recliner

 Recliner for Varicose Veins 

  • Material: Faux leather
  • Brand: Mcombo
  • Style: Traditional Design
  • Form: Recliner
  • Weight capacity: 320 Pounds
  • Item Weight: 125 pounds

The ASTM criteria for recliners are met by Mcombo lifts chairs. With quieter operation and longer service life, you’ll get better results each time with Mcombo. It’s an excellent choice for anyone with mobility concerns or who is recovering from surgery.

Therefore, making it the best chair for venous insufficiency while adding an extra 4.7″ to the footrest. This design allows you to stretch your body to its full extent while still having your feet entirely supported and not cutting off circulation.

Keep your must-have devices fully charged and near at hand with the USB ports. Meanwhile, while sitting in your chair and watching TV, place your drink in the cupholder.

Because the chair is made of high-quality faux leather, cleaning it is really simple. It can usually be cleaned once a week with a microfiber cloth(Best Microfiber Recliners) and a solution of water combined with a tiny quantity of dish soap.

Due to heavy workload and strenuous hours of work, you may want to rest your feet so they can be relieved. With this chair, you can never go wrong.

This chair has the most comfortable footrest. And the significant part is that you can extend it as well according to your height.Listen Audio Podcast about Mocombo lift recliner chair.

Standard Specifications

Overall Dimension 39.4″(L)x33.9″(W)x44.1″(H)
Reclining Angle 140°
Voltage 110-120V
Weight Capacity 320lbs
Ideal Height 5’7″-6’2″
Assembly Required YES

Key Features

  • 3-position
  • 140reclining angle
  • Vibrating and heating management
  • Extended footrest
  • USB port
  • Cupholder

  • High comfortability level
  • Excellent reclining
  • Outstanding durability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy design
  • Exceptional footrest
  • Quiet operation

  • Narrow seat base

5) Leg Elevation Pillow – Relieves Leg Pain & Improves Blood Circulation

Leg Elevation Pillow for varicose veins


  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Brand: EBUNG
  • Style: Ergonomic
  • Form: cushion
  • Weight capacity: unlimited
  • Item Weight: 4.61 Pounds

EBUNG has always been the best at manufacturing the best pillows for ages. You don’t have to worry about anything while having EBUNG at work.

With the EBUNG leg elevation pillow, you can reduce swelling of edema and the spine.

Moreover, you can achieve coccyx alignment, improved blood circulation while sleeping. Our leg elevation wedge is designed to maintain the natural contours of your lower legs.

How Leg Elevation Pillow helps to Relieves Leg Pain & Improves Blood Circulation

Moreover, this pillow helps relieve pressure off your legs, hips, knees, providing a pleasant resting area for your legs while you sleep. Our leg wedge cushion is made of the highest quality high-density foam is sturdy enough to keep its shape.

The cushion can embrace your natural shape and is built to last for many years of use. You can use this leg support pillow to keep your feet comfortable while watching TV, as a post-surgery support pillow, and as a pre/post-pregnancy pillow.

Additionally, the cushion used in this pillow is made up of memory foam. Yes, you read that right! We do know how soft these memory foams are then how can you not have comfortable seating.

You will be at complete comfort while having this pillow; therefore, you have to say goodbye to varicose veins.

Key Features

  • Versatile uses
  • Ergonomic leg pillow
  • Smart design
  • Machine washable
  • Non-slip cover
  • Premium-grade polyurethane foam

  • Wonderful durability
  • Relieves stress in veins
  • Reduces back pain
  • Releases pressures in joints
  • Thick memory foam
  • Easy to clean
  • Great elevation angle

  • Narrow base

FAQs – Best Chairs for Varicose Veins & Lymphedema

How Do You Sit With Varicose Veins?

When you have varicose veins, try to pile your legs when you are sitting. Moreover, try to maintain your legs above the heart level at the end of a hectic day. Additionally, avoid crossing your legs at your knees while sitting.

Moreover, try to sit in a position where you haven’t pressurized your feet. As with varicose veins, you must never pressurize your feet because you may be at risk of getting clots or broken arteries.

Whereas these conditions can become severe, leading towards half paralysis.

How Do You Sit With Varicose Veins

Is Standing Or Sitting Better For Varicose Veins?

Long periods of standing can cause veins to overwork and blood to pool in leg veins. This will, in turn, increase the pressure in veins causing valves to weaken, resulting in varicose veins.

Exercise maintains the blood circulating in your legs, minimizing the chance of varicose veins and the pain associated with them. Cross legged chairs also help to get relieve from varicose veins and DVT.

Moreover, try to have short breaks while working for long hours to strain any of your muscles. It may be fatal to stay seated for long hours with varicose veins as there are pretty chances you will end up swelling your feet.

What Should You Wear For Varicose Veins?

Compression stockings, of course, are a great option because they stimulate blood flow and reduce symptoms of varicose veins. Moreover, tighter tights and leggings are also appropriate. Soft-soled, low-heel shoes are preferred for your feet, as blood flows more freely when your foot is flat on the ground.

Also, avoid wearing stiff leather tights or any other piece of cloth that sticks firm to your body. Because of varicose veins, tight clothing can give you severe blot cots, and in even worse situations, you may end up with numbness.


Hopefully, you have already decided on which chair to go for. Besides, if you have varicose veins and spend long hours at the office, you can choose the ideal one for yourself based on your requirements.

Moreover, Reclining Office Desk Chair is one of our favorites. This chairs is best for varicose veins They will reduce the pressure on your feet and provide you with a relaxing sensation.

Have a good day!

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